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Under WHS legislation, you are responsible for the safety of all your buildings’ and sites’ occupants, including workers and the general public.

Australian construction companies are currently spending millions of dollars every year on the costs of work-related injuries and disease. Each day, 39 people are injured on construction sites across the country and need at least one week off work to recover. In addition to the time and money lost directly, there’s also the risk of litigation. Many, if not all, of these injuries could be prevented with correct workplace health and safety training. Our work place health and safety courses are an excellent and affordable way to train your staff in correct practices.

Get Safe Training offers a range of certified safety management system provided by third parties to help you create a safe working environment for your staff and site visitors. Our work place health and safety courses provide your staff with the skills and workplace health and safety awareness they need, as well as promoting a safety-conscious culture for continued workplace security. Our approach to workplace safety and training focuses on giving workers the tools to work safely unsupervised, as well as make the best personal decisions to stay healthy and safe on the worksite. We offer workplace health and safety training courses across Australia – to find your nearest provider, contact us.